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Meet Our Fearless Leader.

Billie Dunn

They say you should ”do what you love and love what you do.” Well, for Billie Dunn, that is being creative and connecting with people through marketing and advertising. With a decision to return to her entrepreneurial roots, she founded and launched 71 Productions on the 71st day of 2017—a place where she can use her 15+ years of experience to connect with those who want to better their business.

She and her eclectic team of designers, media professionals and behind-the-scenes specialists are ready to help your business stand out, grow and make its mark.


71 Productions provides the creativity, flexibility, energy and attention of small business combined with the powerful backing of AIA, a leading promotional marketing organization. That means we bring you the buying power, operational backing and uniquely competitive opportunities so you have confidence and assurance that your promotional solutions will be there when you need them.

Start building bolder brands today.

About 71 Productions

Bigger Brands Start With a Bold Team.